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Hola a todos
Espero que esté todo bien. Este es un llamado a nuevas contribuciones para Terapia Ocupacional Sin Fronteras, y nos gustaría mucho tener noticias de todos ustedes. Por favor, siéntase libre de pasar este volante a sus colegas.

Y sería bueno estar en contacto y para ponerse al día.

I hope you are all well. Here is a call for new contributions for Occupational Therapy Without Borders, and we would very much like to hear from you all.


Dikaios and Nick

Occupational Therapy without Borders
new edition for 2016 – call for contributors

Contributions are invited for a new edition of Occupational Therapy without Borders, to be edited by Nick Pollard and Dikaios Sakellariou. The published book, which will be one of the Elsevier ‘Essentials’ Series, is anticipated to appear in 2016.

The first volume of Occupational Therapy Without Borders (which Nick edited with Frank Kronenberg and Salvador Simo Algado) was published in 2005, and a Spanish edition appeared in 2007. A second volume (Occupational Therapies Without Borders) appeared in 2010 (which Nick and Dikaios edited with Frank Kronenberg). These books, combined, with A Political Practice of Occupational Therapy (2008) and the editors' Politics of Occupation-Centred Practice (2012) are widely used in occupational therapy education. They are recognised as landmark texts presenting what has been called a new paradigm or movement within the profession. Nick and Dikaios are an established team who have co-authored and co-edited books and journal articles over a decade of working together.

The new Occupational Therapy Without Borders (the second edition) carries forward the work of volumes 1 & 2, and will be nested within a framework of social and occupational justice. It will be specifically designed for the needs of undergraduate students, but we also expect it to be relevant to postgraduate courses. This edition will reflect the changes the world’s healthcare environments have undergone in the last few years, incorporating the most recent evidence.

The book will include current theory and recent developments such as the need to incorporate disability perspectives and entrepreneurial skills in curricula, austerity measures, concerns about ageing society, refugees and asylum seekers, community based approaches to health, different cultural experiences of ‘occupational’ interventions and other social issues, and increased role emerging/non traditional services, arguments for sustainability and the relationship between occupation based practice and citizenship – and more! We are open to your proposals!

As with our previous work we hope to draw on a range of respected and internationally renowned contributors from occupational therapy, disability studies and occupational science combined with writing by new authors.

To get involved with your contribution, please contact Nick (N.Pollard@shu.ac.uk)
and Dikaios (sakellarioud@Cardiff.ac.uk )

To help you with an idea of how we intend to organise writing for this edition, we have included some dates for the submission stages below:

March 2014:                       invitations and open call for contributions
May 15, 2014:                    deadline for indications of interest/ brief outlines (150-200 words) of proposed text
June 2014:                           meet with some authors at WFOT
October 2014:                    deadline for first drafts
February 2015:                 Feedback to be sent back to authors
July 2015:                             deadline for final draft
January 2016:                     manuscript submission deadline


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